Cloud Computing? Anyone?

It’s impossible to talk about IT and not hear the word “Cloud” being mentioned these days, and this is happening for a very good reason, everything is going cloud computing these days, but hey, what does the cloud computing really means? let me try to explain what that is.

From an end users prospective, the cloud is the visible mass of liquid in the sky, in rare occasions they might say that it is something IT related, but from an IT professionals prospective, it’s the ability to offload their IT problems to someone else on the internet, problems such as building an infrastructure, buying server hardware, purchasing software licenses, applying batches and taking regular backups of their systems and many other things. Instead of doing all that, IT professionals will rent “Resources” on the internet to host their systems on without worrying about all the problems we just mentioned, or worrying about how these resources are running and maintained, where is it running or by whom, they will only pay for the resources they are using just like paying for any other utility bill like water or electricity.

Pay special attention to the word “Resources” here as I’ll use it later on to explain different types of cloud computing services in later posts.

This is a down to earth answer that simplifies the idea and possibilities of using the cloud, once you get the idea around your head, you should be able to tell what are the pros and cons of using cloud computing with your business, let me summarize that down for you.

Pros and Cons


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